In Search Of An Old Covered Bridge

 There are some events about your childhood that just stick with you.  As you grow older those great memories keep popping up in your head. Walking across an old covered bridge to get to school is a memory I will never forget. 
Sometimes my friend Rhoda would be waiting for me.  The wonderful family (The Kressler's) that made my weekends fun is another unforgettable memory.

Almost there!

The Road Back!

Those great memories took place in a small Pennsylvania town  outside of Bloomsburg.  
Mainville was established in 1800 and has only about 150 residents.  

Mainville Road

The state college was in Bloomsburg,  which is now a University.  I always dreamed of going back to attend college there whenever I graduated high school.  
I remember the Bloomsburg State Fair which was a treat every year!

It's 2016 
My last time in Mainville was 1968 .  
It's time for that well overdue visit and the search for that old covered bridge and the people that made my stay so delightful.  
Covered bridges are common in the Columbia County area, the covered bridge that crossed Catawissa Creek is the one I cherished the most.  

Mrs. Kressler, her neighbors and nephews with my sister and I (1968)

The time has finally come,  I'm so excited. It's always the little things in life that are blessings.
A lot has changed in the town of Bloomsburg, but the minute Mr. Kressler opened the door I was back home!  This moment was more exciting than hearing Mrs. Kressler's voice on the telephone after 47 years. The smiles and hugs made all those years seem like yesterday. Their daughter Laurie was just a toddler when we moved.  The backyard held many memories and to my surprise they had a photo waiting from one of my weekend visits.  That's my little sister Carla not looking at the camera! Laurie is the baby and Mrs. Kressler is behind me.

I'm finally back!!! 
Happy 85th Birthday

It was Mrs. Kressler's 85th birthday the day before, what a way to celebrate. We reminisced over lunch, sharing stories of the past.  I couldn't believe how much I remembered, how can you forget the great times and people in your life? During segregation and racial despair we all found each other.  

The Kressler Family

The next day we set out in search of my old homestead and that covered bridge. Just as we entered the town there was my old school which is now a Municipal Building.
 I attended Bloomsburg Jr. High also. The garage that serviced my father's trucks was still standing although it's abandoned.

Mainville Elementary

The Old Garage

As I approached the creek, there was no covered bridge! Instead a concrete bridge crossing over the creek. 
I heard the covered bridge was destroyed by a flood or storm years before.
The bridge, rebuilt after the flood/storm damaged the covered bridge

This concrete bridge replaced the old covered bridge

Catawissa Creek South View

Catawissa Creek The North View

The road leading to my old residence has a private property sign, though visible through the trees I could see the wide open field that I loved to play in.  
I exited the car just to walk on that same road and cross that bridge, the Catawissa Creek is as beautiful as ever. The leaves are turning just as the fall season gets into full swing.  My only disappointment was not finding my friend Rhoda.  That gives me another reason to return.  

Road once you crossed the bridge

Once the road home , now closed off

The West and East Paden Twin bridges are still standing miles away,  the only twin bridges left in the USA. I never  realized I lived up a mountain when I was young.  The area is absolutely beautiful this time of year!   

West Paden Twin Bridges

Loving the Autumn Season

East Paden Twin Bridges

 "Why did it take me so long to visit, why didn't I go back sooner?"  Whatever the reason it was great to be back and it won't take me another 47 years!!!!

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