Gilbert's Bar House of Refuge


On Martin Luther King Day, Les and I decided to take a ride up the Florida coast since it seemed like a beautiful day for a car ride.  The day started out delightful and we found ourselves in Martin County.  But soon an overcast arrived with a little rain which slowed down our ride. Still we made our way to Ross Witham Beach, the home of Florida's only remaining house of refuge and the oldest building on the teasure coast. 

Built in 1875 it was one of ten houses of refuge commissioned by the United States Life Saving Service to rescue and aid shipwreck survivors along the state's reef-laden coast. (Information via History Here app).
We continue to be surprised by the beauty we find in our state. Ross Witham Beach is located on Hutchinson Island and one of the most beautiful beaches in this area. Even with the overcast of gray skies it was just breathtaking. 

The Anastasia rocks are my favorite.  We can't wait to visit again with beautiful clear skies against these beautiful rocks. There's a museum located here, we decided on the beach first and we'll tour the house on our next visit!!




Enjoying The Journey!!

Gilbert's Bar 
House of Refuge
301 Southeast MacArthur Boulevard
Stuart, Florida 34996
Tele:(772) 225-1875
Call for hours of operation


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